You're on a motorcycle and riding in Extreme Speeds!!! On the opposite lanes the difficulty and RISK is greater. As you run more and as you face difficult situations, faster beats your heart and gets score. We recommend using headphones. The sound is STEREO and realistic (Doppler effect). Let's start the Risky Riding!!!

Risky Rider

support email:

How to Play:


Select "Start Riding" in the street sign, to start.


Tilt your iOS device to drive the motorcycle.


Press 'Slow' button to do maneuvers with accuracy.

Press 'Boost' to speed, so you get more rates and degrees save time. Boost buttons appears when you have more than 500 point in 'my Best' score.


You can turn off the music or the sound by pressing the appropriate buttons.


If your country is United Kingdom, Australia, Cyprus or any other country with Left Hand Driving, you can configure the game in the Main Menu>Configuration>Left Hand Drive.


For more support you can email to: